When do you need a permit in a renovation. Hear from John Scavelli, our Westchester Go-to Architect for all Renovation…

John Scavelli, is a certified Structural Engineer, Inspector, as well as an Architect.  This accreditation rockets his architectural firm to the top of reliable resources when doing a renovation.

Why is John and his business the best for your renovation?  Here’s why:


When you need a permit:


Here John Answer questions from contractors:


Dormer/Attic Renovation?

Kitchen Renovation? 

Opening up a Wall?

New Construction? 



Need an inspection?

For 203(k) renovation consulting hear about:

Resreal also offers consulting if you are thinking about renovation your house:

Fill in this 203(k) (Renovation loan check sheet) to give our architects concept perimeters in which to explain what you will need in terms of cost or what is a structural issue.




CALL him for your renovation needs.

914 – 330- 7712


“Creating open expanses and large light opportunities, is the epitome of American architecture… and the fundamentals incorporated into our every design endeavor.”

  – John Scavelli



Empty Room

Architecture, Engineering and Inspection Services




Who are great candidates for BNI new Members? Bob Russo, our Expert BNI Director – tell us.

  • Past BNI members

  • People you can refer

  • People that you can get work from

  • Subs


So think about this when you ask someone to SUB for you.  They are potentially candidates for membership. Listen to Bob explain:



Another great Video to watch:

The 4 topics to think about who you want to be surrounded by as members of your group.  How do I pinpoint it?  Try this checklist:


Bob Russo is a 5- star Westchester County Director and your advocate to get into a great group to grow your business.  



To contact Bob Russo for questions or membership info:


Bob on Facebook

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bob-russo-404784

Or come get your seat in our group here!

Elmsford, Thursday 7am group


For more information



Experiencing Hearing Loss? Dr. Ciaran Cullen of Elmsford Center Chiropractic can even help you.

Your hearing loss might be due to spinal issues… Dr. Ciaran of Elmsford Chiropractor Health and Well-ness, explains this is one of the reason chiropractic work started:


Dr. Ciaran has a passion for healing.  Hear it here:


Located at 64 S Central Ave, Elmsford, NY 10523, Dr. Ciaran is an amazing person and sought-after in Elmsford for helping so many. Situations form people.  Having found help through this industry himself, only made him understand how to administer treatments to help clients better.

In addition, Dr. Cullen and his team at Elmsford Chiropractor Health and Well-ness teach about good eating and daily routines.  These have been proven to keep you more mobile for a healthier life. Dr. Cullen and his team at Elmsford Chiropractor Health and Well-ness are worth a visit.


Back pain   |    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome   |   Neck Pain

Allergies    |    ADHD

Patient Testimonial:


Dr Cullen, The Best Elmsford Chiropractor

Dr. Cairan Cullen, the Best Chiropractor in Elmsford, NY

  • 64 S Central Ave, Elmsford, NY 10523

Call today!  Phone: (914) 345-6700 |   Website

Other information they offer that is go to read:

What to expect

Tips Blog

Why does insurance go up? Adam Puello of State Farm Explains… 914-712-3680


Why does insurance go up?  Here how Cadillac is coming out with even more expensive functions that talk among their cars:



And Adam Puello talks about why you can really get hurt by paying less per month on Car insurance:




Have Adam review your policy…. He may just tell you to leave it where it is…. Or save you money and headaches.

Adam Puello, the Man in Westchester for Car and Property Insurance

adam@marklink.us  |  (914) 712-3680

State Farm Insurance   |      111 Fifth Ave., Pelham, NY 10803

If you are lucky… you’ll age. Linda Travis is eloquent and to the point. Life insurance is not an option, but a necessity. She cares about her customers and it shows.

Linda says it like it is:

We all expire.  Whether we pass with benefits is that which sets the stage for the health of those we leave behind..

It is your choice.


Protect the fruit of your labor.

Life Insurance is that solution.  – Linda 


Meet Linda.  Treat yourself with this video….until you set up your meeting with her..

Linda’s specialties:

  • Whole life Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Disability Insurance




Linda F. Travis  |  The only Life Insurance Agent you’ll need.

Call her now to go over what you can do for your family…

(917) 913-2307







Oxygen is produced by trees. Pat Laidman saves them providing great air we breathe and an increase of value to your home.


Other than oxygen how else do trees help us?

Preserving Trees and well maintained landscaping increases the value of your home. And Studies have shown that there are healing benefits to observing green colors of trees.  Hospitals and nursing homes embrace this strategy to help their visitors.

Meet Pat:

Insects that can hurt your trees:

Boxwood shrubs attract insects that can move to the trees and damage them.
Call Pat Laidman, Arborist in Westchester. Best Sav-a-Tree representative, to check your landscape and what it is doing to the trees.



Call him now, if you need trees shaped, treated or evaluated for age or maintenance

Pat Laidman   |  914-356-8229

The Tree of Care Services

Arborist Pat Laidman   |   Radio interview of Pat

District Sales Manager, Elmsford District Office

57 Valley Avenue, Elmsford, NY 10523-3008.



Why do I need to talk to my Accountant during the year? Steve D’Alesio tells you why here…

If advice is giving through out the year, your annual Income tax is easier and quicker.


Meet Steve Steve D’Alesio:



Sternbach & Rose and Steve provide the following CPA Services:

Business CPA Solutions    |    Personal Taxes

Additional Services

Call Steve now if you want great accountant that will SAVE YOU MONEY.


914- 940-4449







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