Oxygen is produced by trees. Pat Laidman saves them providing great air we breathe and an increase of value to your home.


Other than oxygen how else do trees help us?

Preserving Trees and well maintained landscaping increases the value of your home. And Studies have shown that there are healing benefits to observing green colors of trees.  Hospitals and nursing homes embrace this strategy to help their visitors.

Meet Pat:

Insects that can hurt your trees:

Boxwood shrubs attract insects that can move to the trees and damage them.
Call Pat Laidman, Arborist in Westchester. Best Sav-a-Tree representative, to check your landscape and what it is doing to the trees.



Call him now, if you need trees shaped, treated or evaluated for age or maintenance

Pat Laidman   |  914-356-8229

The Tree of Care Services

Arborist Pat Laidman   |   Radio interview of Pat

District Sales Manager, Elmsford District Office

57 Valley Avenue, Elmsford, NY 10523-3008.



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