Why does insurance go up? Adam Puello of State Farm Explains… 914-712-3680


Why does insurance go up?  Here how Cadillac is coming out with even more expensive functions that talk among their cars:



And Adam Puello talks about why you can really get hurt by paying less per month on Car insurance:




Have Adam review your policy…. He may just tell you to leave it where it is…. Or save you money and headaches.

Adam Puello, the Man in Westchester for Car and Property Insurance

adam@marklink.us  |  (914) 712-3680

State Farm Insurance   |      111 Fifth Ave., Pelham, NY 10803


Why do I need to talk to my Accountant during the year? Steve D’Alesio tells you why here…

If advice is giving through out the year, your annual Income tax is easier and quicker.


Meet Steve Steve D’Alesio:



Sternbach & Rose and Steve provide the following CPA Services:

Business CPA Solutions    |    Personal Taxes

Additional Services

Call Steve now if you want great accountant that will SAVE YOU MONEY.


914- 940-4449







What are the levels of Commercial Insurance that you can order?


See Jenna talk about it here:

Questions Jenna can answer:

What is defined as ‘property’ for property coverage?

See this video:

Here’s Jenna’s list of do’s and don’ts commercial property insurance buying:



Jenna can answer these questions:

What is not covered under basic Commercial Insurance?

Why is Business income and expense commercial insurance a necessity?

Commercial Insurance Jenna provides:

  • Basic Commercial
  • Fire and Theft
  • Business income & expense
  • Worker’s comp
  • Business interrupt insurance
  • Terrorism Coverage

Call JENNA SALWOKICZ, the expert in Commercial insurance for YOUR business!




For the best in business commercial insurance coverage in Westchester County.







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