Who are great candidates for BNI new Members? Bob Russo, our Expert BNI Director – tell us.

  • Past BNI members

  • People you can refer

  • People that you can get work from

  • Subs


So think about this when you ask someone to SUB for you.  They are potentially candidates for membership. Listen to Bob explain:



Another great Video to watch:

The 4 topics to think about who you want to be surrounded by as members of your group.  How do I pinpoint it?  Try this checklist:


Bob Russo is a 5- star Westchester County Director and your advocate to get into a great group to grow your business.  



To contact Bob Russo for questions or membership info:


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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bob-russo-404784

Or come get your seat in our group here!

Elmsford, Thursday 7am group


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