When do you need a permit in a renovation. Hear from John Scavelli, our Westchester Go-to Architect for all Renovation…

John Scavelli, is a certified Structural Engineer, Inspector, as well as an Architect.  This accreditation rockets his architectural firm to the top of reliable resources when doing a renovation.

Why is John and his business the best for your renovation?  Here’s why:


When you need a permit:


Here John Answer questions from contractors:


Dormer/Attic Renovation?

Kitchen Renovation? 

Opening up a Wall?

New Construction? 



Need an inspection?

For 203(k) renovation consulting hear about:

Resreal also offers consulting if you are thinking about renovation your house:

Fill in this 203(k) (Renovation loan check sheet) to give our architects concept perimeters in which to explain what you will need in terms of cost or what is a structural issue.




CALL him for your renovation needs.

914 – 330- 7712


“Creating open expanses and large light opportunities, is the epitome of American architecture… and the fundamentals incorporated into our every design endeavor.”

  – John Scavelli



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