Where can I find a SALES job with Great Training? At Heartland with Scott Wagner!

Looking for a Great Job and Training to be one of Westchester’s Small Business Resources?

Scott Wagner, Regional Manager of Westchester, Putnam and surrounding areas,  is looking for Merchant Services Sales Team Candidates

Are you a candidate?  You are if you want:

  • Cash flow income monthly for the life of your contracts – great for retirement income
  • Tools like Youtube videos to help you sell
  • A job — offering businesses — better solutions for Credit Card processing
  • A platform of a brand that is an EASY SELL
  • Marketing and Support from a National Brand
  • Great products to sell that are updated constantly to stay with the times
  • Brilliant sales training and mentor-ship of 25-year veteran Salesman respected Nationally
  • A company with a great respect for its people


Introducing Scott Wagner speaking about Heartland:

…And some of the accounts Heartland and Scott proudly service:

CALL NOW if a great sales job is what you are looking for!  Scott is waiting.





Payment Processing     |     Payroll Solutions

Gift Cards & Loyalty   |   Mobile Payments

Scott H. Wagner, CPP

Division Manager, Westchester & Surrounding Counties

A Global Payments Company




Will Power Teams help me make more money in my networking group?

YES! Hear why…. from Bob Russ, our director.   Always bringing new and fresh ways to network, motivating us to stay on the course of what works… This week it was the value of your ‘power team’.


And how to use your power team better:



THANK YOU, BOB… You’re a great Director and we are lucky to have you!


Valuing your spot. Why?…Because 30 people in the same professional are vying for your seat!   Your seat is worth $46,000 at Elmsford We Mean Business BNI Chapter!

Get you seat here!

Elmsford, Thursday 7am group


For information rrusso@bestweb.net

Bob on Facebook



Do I need a Will or Trust if I don’t have a million dollars? Yes. $1 is an asset


Here are common Myths of Estate Planning:

  1. I need to have a lot of money
  2. I’m too young
  3. I can do it myself
  4. I don’t have anyone to leave my estate to
  5. …. listen for more here

Wills. Trusts. Estate Probate.   They all protect your assets. 

If you’re a young couple, you need start on the right foot with a Will.

For older couples.  Here’s the story Gaetano told:

Jack and Diane are an older couple and Diane is in the early stages of Parkinson’s.  They know that at some point Diane will need in-home nursing care or nursing home care.  Jack and Diane also own a house worth $1.5M and have three children.  Can they create an estate plan that allows Diane to qualify for Medicaid but also preserve the house so that they can pass it to their children.  Yes!  I can help you with this.

Listen here: https://youtu.be/Wm01BZuXZPA

Worst handled: Spouse died on vacation in Italy?

See this video:

What is not covered under basic Commercial Insurance?

Why is Business income and expense commercial insurance a necessity?



Call Gaetano Bizzoco at 914-965-1011

or email him at gbizzoco@dibbinilaw.com



For the best in Estate Planning in Westchester County.


Who do you call if you have had a fire, flood or detection of mold or asbestos?


Answer: You can call  a remediation company- DIRECTLY.

Here from the expert, Mike Bowerman, Owner… Call remediation first.  Here’s why:


They come in and access the repair cost, in which you can submit to the insurance agency.

Best to call a remediation business FIRST, as you should only submit one claim to the insurance agency not to be blacklisted of have rates go up.

Bowerman restoration professionals are the people for the job, and also the ADVICE!

Should a call a remediation company before insurance company when I’ve had a flood or fire?


Another great Tip:

How to get the insurance companies to pay for asbestos removal – Hire Mike Bowerman Restoration and Remediation


5 Star review.  Talking about cleaning up Curry Dealership.



Water  •  Mold  •  Fire  •  Smoke  •  Asbestos

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning



or email info@bowerman.us.com


Cleaning up the messes that life leaves behind.







What are the levels of Commercial Insurance that you can order?


See Jenna talk about it here:

Questions Jenna can answer:

What is defined as ‘property’ for property coverage?

See this video:

Here’s Jenna’s list of do’s and don’ts commercial property insurance buying:



Jenna can answer these questions:

What is not covered under basic Commercial Insurance?

Why is Business income and expense commercial insurance a necessity?

Commercial Insurance Jenna provides:

  • Basic Commercial
  • Fire and Theft
  • Business income & expense
  • Worker’s comp
  • Business interrupt insurance
  • Terrorism Coverage

Call JENNA SALWOKICZ, the expert in Commercial insurance for YOUR business!




For the best in business commercial insurance coverage in Westchester County.







How do you get a fast and complete Title insurance when buying a house? Go to Realty Title Agency, Inc. That’s how!

Here a little of Betty’s pass with her mentors and her husband that built a thriving business years ago.

Have worked on the Trump Towers’ homes to the local municipal buildings for the courts.  Betty and Cesar Ortiz are reliable and quick.

Here about the amazing deals that got them started:


“I do closing almost daily, and Betty and Cesar of Realty Title are my right hands for quick and seamless closings.  Clients are always pleased and it looks good that I have great resources for them.”              – Larry Bellom, Real Estate Attorney;/ Thornwood, NY


And even EASY online title request form­­



About them: http://www.realtytitle.net/


How to speed up your title at the municipal level…Hire us!  914-683-3900

The Title insurance agency recommended by all the real estate attorneys

Where do I get a mason that chisels Stone for REAL STONE WALLS that impress?

At Rosamilia Landscaping, Inc

Born of a Mason in Rome. 

Joe Rosamilia has been here since 1971 becoming our master Landscaping and Masonry resource!

Has the master craftsmanship is of a real professional!

Meet Joe:

Joe has Corner stones…

 Find on Home Advisor

Home Advisor 4.46  STAR Ratings


Call Joe now.  Planting is great in the winter, he says!  Also does amazing rocak environments and fencing!


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