Larry Bellom Real Estate Attorney legalizing your property for sale

An influence attorney such as Larry speaks of how to make sure that your title of your home you are selling to be clean, as it will get held up with the building department, which could hurt the mortgage, housing issues of seller and buyer, along with other unforeseen issues that could come up.

Hear about this here:

Larry Bellom, the Real Estate Attorney of the We Mean Business BNI Chapter has been litigating and preparing agreement contracts for 30 years for Westchester.

He is personable and happy to answer all BNI members questions.

ASK LARRY if your house is ready to sell seamlessly!

Office: 914-769-9500

Laurence J. Bellom, Esq.

814 Commerce St, Thornwood, NY 10594

Tips on getting up for the 7am BNI meetings

Realize that everyone is counting on you!

We know it is hard to get up sometimes for a 7am meeting EVERY week. 

Do it for the others that count on you!

Bob Russo on Why Weekly Attendance is Important.  Bob is our director and an asset to each of our members.  He reminds us of the principles that BNI were founded.  They work… and sometimes we just need a refresher.  Bob delivers it brilliantly!

See him here talking about ‘Why weekly attendance not helps you, but all the member that rely on you!’:

Other videos:


ASK Bob if there’s room

in our $1,000,000 earning group…




Joannie Sirefman, Our Group Heathcare Provider

Joannie Sirefman, is a recent former Vice President and has our well-being at heart when she speaks. It is nice to hear about insurance from someone you consider a friend.  She spoke about having cancer patients covered with more than adequate insurance in order to be comfortable.  She brought a statistic to the conversation that really got me.  It was the reality that 1 in 5 persons would be diagnosed with Cancer.  Which if you looked around the room, was a scary thought in which we needed to prepare for.

Her subject was focused on the  “Cancer Classic Plan”. She was able to show us numbers of how it really worked.

Here is a little on Aflac in which Joannie has chosen as the carrier she can most support in their vision and mission: Aflac pays cash benefits to the individual and does not conflict with any other insurance. With medical costs – co-pays and deductibles going through the roof we can help off set those bills when someone is sick or hurt. Our programs are affordable, guaranteed renewable and portable. Ask for it where you work!


Thankyou Joannie!

Joannie on LinkedIn  |  914-393-1439   |

Joanie Sirefman 1-12

Marketer throws up on audience explaining Earned SEO

Slide2From Michel Gunn of Gunn Multimedia Partners, Inc., we learned that from billions of entities on the internet, they aren’t all our competition; but a healthy few hundred-thousand show up in any given keyword search.  For this reason, she explains why SEO is sometimes prohibitively expensive.  (Some companies pay tens of thousands of dollars for top spots on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.)

She explained some of the ways to build a successful ‘Earned’ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) network for our businesses.  ( I think we all realized now why the SEO specialists don’t divulge all the details.) Her agency does this work and they call it their ‘Guardian Angel’ Program.

“You must be thorough when hiring a SEO specialist.  You need to understand how they get your phone to ring.  And most importantly, is what they are doing is sustainable without throwing tons of money at it every month?”, she proclaims.  Giving you periodic reporting is how she keeps their work transparent.  Through Gunn Multimedia’s work, they build a foundation versus buying you a pretend one. This improves your search results organically along with building bulletproof conversion elements, and in doing so, there is a little voodoo involved (the linking and connecting).  They love the science to it and enjoy building businesses solid ground — in a vast and virtual market place.

Some of their Guardian Angel Program strategies include:

  • High volume back linking
  • Multiple Video creation (whether branded or generic how-tos with you logo)
  • Blog writing– where you can gain some ground
  • Robust profile re-writing, thus covering more keyword ground
  • Review placements building on own site, Yelp, Google plus, Angie’s list,, NY Law sites, Appraiser Guilds, etc.
  • Fetch program establishing- encouragement or retrieval/copy editing of your clients reviews (for you)
  • On-page manipulating of copy on your websites
  • Conversion element adding to your websites
  • Call-to-action re-writing; meeting the real needs of your customers.
  • …and others based solely on your offerings and how you are perceived by a cross section of the search engines

If you’re going to play the search engine ranking game, you have to shoot for page one and above the fold, otherwise you might as well be on page 31.

Call or Email Michel  at and 917-678-0455 to learn more or read our monthly published Digital Marketing Magazine for great information.

Michel Gunn

Gunn Multimedia Partners, Inc.    |   If you found the presentation helpful, please you let her know. |   |  917-678-0455

… because at the foundation of every successful business is a creative agency.

Barry Silverman Is Our Speaker of the Week

Barry Silverman

Barry Silverman

Thursday January 10th 7AM

The topic of my speech will be Income Protection – The First Step in Achieving Your Financial Goals!

Barry Silverman
Barry E Silverman, Financial Representative| Hudson Financial Group
Guardian Life Insurance Company of America
580 White Plains Road, Suite 205 | Tarrytown, NY 10591
O: 914.460.1206 | F: 914.460.1235 | E:

Speaker of the Week

Thursday October 11th 7AM

Bob Russo

Bob Russo is working on his 11th year as a BNI Director Consultant and his goal is to help members increase their referrals by learning how to give business referrals to others and in return receive businsees referrals, thru structured BNI meetings and from a BNI exclusive online system, called BNIConnectglobal.

Speaker of the Week

Thursday August 2nd, 7AM.

Will Anderson
Computer Services

Will Anderson is the owner of PC Support Computer Service and Repair, serving Westchester, Putnam and Fairfield counties. Will is a graduate of the Bronx H.S. of Science and attended Princeton University. Will is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, an A+ Certified PC Repair Technician and a Network+ Engineer, which means that independent organizations like Microsoft and Comptia have certified Will to be fluent in the technologies that make your computer work. PC Support works with Small Businesses and Residential clients, and we specialize in Small Business Server, Microsoft Exchange Email, Hosted Exchange Email and Networking. Small Businesses really appreciate that we are happy to service servers and computers in their offices and their homes. We get involved in everything IT: removing viruses, setting up new computers and printers, data recovery and data transfer, configuring mobile devices like iPods, iPads, Droids and Blackberries, wireless and backup.

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