Who do you call if you have had a fire, flood or detection of mold or asbestos?


Answer: You can call  a remediation company- DIRECTLY.

Here from the expert, Mike Bowerman, Owner… Call remediation first.  Here’s why:


They come in and access the repair cost, in which you can submit to the insurance agency.

Best to call a remediation business FIRST, as you should only submit one claim to the insurance agency not to be blacklisted of have rates go up.

Bowerman restoration professionals are the people for the job, and also the ADVICE!

Should a call a remediation company before insurance company when I’ve had a flood or fire?


Another great Tip:

How to get the insurance companies to pay for asbestos removal – Hire Mike Bowerman Restoration and Remediation


5 Star review.  Talking about cleaning up Curry Dealership.



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