Should I pay when a virus has infected my computer – PC expert Will Anderson says NO and call him

Back-up to your Back-up and a great IT guy saves you from this.

Here about WHAT TO DO IF YOU GIVE A CRIPPLING VIRUS from Will Anderson:



Back up systems and Virus removal- Will Anderson and PC Support NYWestchester's PC Expert, Will Anderson

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Photography is so important to your Small Business image. Do it with an expert, like George Pejoves!

Everyone is pretty much unhappy when they see themselves on camera.  Go with someone like George Pejoves and you will come away knowing your beautiful!



Meet George Pejoves:




Business headshots

team photos






Why I should BNI. If you knew that the seat was worth $46,000/yr…Would you? Hear how in this VIDEO with Bob Russo

Training us to Focus on the Good we have! Which is a BNI SEAT!

BNI tips to help you network better, along with be a better small business owner





5 BNI tips to help you network better.

1. More One on One’s – Goal: One a week
2. Bring in 1 Visitor a month
3.Pass 1 referral a week
4.Education – Keep on networking continued education
5. Attendance- Shoot for as many meetings as you can make

See in this video



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A bus is passing you on the highway… M. Sean Duffy tells of a $500,000 Won Case

The bus’ side compartment opens expectantly.  Hits the woman’s driver side mirror in the dark, creating her to lurch into the passenger seat while driving….

Injuries sustained from car accidents can inhibit life as you know it.  If you are suffering, seek compensation.  It is YOUR RIGHT.

A case that started out as a $10,000 motion, ended in a $500,000 settlement.

If you think the facts are against you, the law is probably on your side.  Here is a case where that was true:

REVIEWS:  You’re in great hands with Sean Duffy!  – Scott M.

Here another:


We are proud to have Sean Duffy, with Scarcella Law Offices, our accident and casualty Plaintiff Attorney.  He specializes in Commercial Vehicle Accidents, Slip & Falls, Work Injuries, and Wrongful Death cases (to name a few) in Westchester County and the Five Boroughs.


Know someone suffering from an accident?

Expert Personal Injury Lawyer from Westchester County, NY Sean Duffy



Sean’s BLOG


Expert Personal Injury Lawyer from Westchester County, NY Sean Duffy


914-879-4550  |  Linkedin

If you’re flat on your back, don’t take it lying down!




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