Electrician that everyone loves and hires! We are so proud to have such a professional. Neil Marchi

Neil loves decreasing your carbon foot print. He guided so many of Westchester County’s affluent home owners through the pursuit of sustainable design yet new and exciting lighting and appliances.

Listen to this amazing project he is on:

He talks about lighting alternatives to save you money, that still are appealing (wouldn’t you like to have this in your closet?)…


…to full 6,000 square foot new builds electrical wiring.

Hire Neil for all your electrical needs

or just to light up your shoes!

(914) 747-2533


Generators    |   Home Service Upgrades    |   Renovation Electrical Wiring


ex-firefighter – Thank you for your service, Neil!

Mild-mannered Mortgage Broker by day, Comedian by afternoon…

Dean Curtis with MortgageDepot, spoke today.  He tells it like it is; That the details of his business are hard to get excited about when you’re the customer.  So going with someone like Dean who makes you laugh and guides you through the process, from before the application — helping you shape up your financial elements — to the last signature.  He is the friend you didn’t know you had when you are buying a house, going on vacation or doing home repairs.

It’s great to hear about the market and the low interest rates.   But do you qualify?  Dean can advise you on putting your finances together before applying for that loan.  Call him to talk…or get to know him here:


Other questions Dean can answer:

How to get ready to pursue a loan…

And how much down should you really have?

  • Don’t forget about school taxes and other unexpected cost you might have to pay.
  • You thought you had 20% down, now you only have 10%

Do you want to know about a:


914-708-1087   |  Contact Dean

Twitter GooglePlus LinkedIn

Mortgage Loan Originator |  NMLS: 5649

NY LIC # NY-5649-004610

Soon becoming a cornerstone of our networking group… and not just because of where he sits!  Highly Recommend DEAN CURTIS!



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