Linda Travis with New York Life, Life Insurance

As a life insurance provider, you want someone like Linda Travis.  She has first hand experience with having purchasing power on such things as her house as a single income family, because she purchased whole life insurance in her 20’s.

Hear Linda and get to know what a wonderfully knowledgeable representative we have here in Westchester County for LIFE INSURANCE:


She has:

Whole Life & Term Insurance for young couples

Whole life and Term Insurance for children

Whole life and Term Insurance for great prices as low as a cup of coffee a day

Here about New York Life’s AAA rating as a Life Insurance Providing company

Linda F Travis

Cell (917) 913-2307

Agent  |   New York Life
777 Westchester Avenue
White Plains, NY  10604
Office (914) 253-7267
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Scott Wagner.. Merchant Services for Westchester Small Businesses

Scott gave away scratch-offs for paying attention!… Brilliant!

scott-wagner_Westchester-Business-systems_POSScott belly laughs… and we laugh with him, as he is confident in his services and makes every one of his clients’ businesses run smoother…

Was a fun presentation and informative!  Scott Wagner, our Giants fan and overall purveyor of great business systems, offers business merchant services and systems at a fraction of what you’ll lose if you don’t have them.

Meet Scott here: (you’ll love him like we do):

His company, Go Direct, has Desktop & Tablet Point of Sales Systems for the following:

Did you know that 93% of all Data Breaches of 2014 were on Small to Medium size businesses!  Don’t think you’re okay… Everyone needs to protect their data and processing connections.

For more info:

Also here is the article on my company…

2016-01 NEAA Head Shots 150ppi-376 CropCall Now to make your business easier! 480.688.1400

Scott H. WagnerGo Direct Westchester Business systems

Founder and President




Providing Business Solutions since 1991

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