Hottest Mold Remediation Business in Westchester

Michael Bowermann has been with our BNI since he started his business.  He is a thorough expert services many homes and disasters involving water damage.

In this 10 minute speech he talks about how the government has now passed a ‘mold’ law which he is not very happy with, because the training it not to his businesses standards and many will enter the industry of lesser quality.  Hear it here:

His a little history on him:


To see more videos on him and other BNI members

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When to call a remediation company:

To reach Mike if you have an emergercy or need to find someone to assess your situation:

Call him here: 844.269.3762

or visit his site:



Transactional Emails Reach customers

Gunn Multimedia Partners talks about using Transactional Emails that REALLY Reach customers

CRM systems are widely successful because they are based on constant communication with the clients through tranactional emails.

Kyle McMurry, head of their digital media and email marketing department, give the presentation to BNI networking group in Elmsford Eldorado East.


75% open rates

which are 3 times more

than cold email promotion!


Here from Kyle here and see below for what are “transactional emails”


What are Transactional emails:

  • “Confirming appointments”
  • “Reminder of your appointment”
  • “Receipt of your purchase”
  • “Setting up account” emails
  • “Thank you for visiting or hiring us” emails
  • “Miss you” emails
  • “Personal Happy Birthday greetings” emails
  •  etc…

I hope this was helpful.

Contact Michel Gunn at Gunn Multimedia Partners, Inc    or 917- 678-0455 for questions or sevice offerings.

We would be happy to explain today’s marketing and how we have priced it on responsible monthly retainers for small businesses to give big bang for your money.



What’s changing in IT | Will Anderson

Will talks always about BACK-UP’s…

and how his clients thinks it’s magic! 


We love him.  He continues to bring in great clients that are smiling from his amazing servicing!  Meet him here:

Another Specialty:

Custom software which will Pc Support works ( and the list grows daily):

  • Quickbooks
  • Drake Tax
  • CCC One
  • AudaTex
  • CCC Pathway
  • Mitchell
  • Time Slips -Legal Billing software
  • Auto shops
  • Chiropractor and Doctor’s Office Eclipse
  • Contractor software,….

Here what he has to say about it:



Best way to reach Will Anderson is by calling or Texting:


Visit his site at


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