Mark F. Bernstein – Prolonging Divorce Proceedings is Not Necessary

MARK F. BERNSTEIN told us how in his 10 minute presentation!


Divorce is usually seen as a debilitating process; With Mark Bernstein and his personable approach , you won’t feel so drained. He can bring clarity to the steps necessary.

Mark, with his 30 years in Matrimonial and Family Law, gave us some insights on temporary maintenance (once referred to as ‘Alimony’),  and child support.  But first by breaking the ice with some humorous stories of his own life.  He then had our undivided attention to get serious about how divorce should be done —  through managing and supporting you through the process.  He demonstrated that expertise in details like how to prepare monetarily for the split.

He is for hire to represent either party — whether children are involve or not.  Knowing every inch of the law and at the pulse of how it changes, his business has carved a successful niche in Westchester County.  Later the testimonials from around the room, further affirmed this.  The statement was that this was ‘The divorce attorney you wanted advocating for you’.

Ask Mark Bernstein for your options, before you take the leap.  He is open for questions and legal services that will protect and support you to a conclusion.


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