Sean Duffy, Plaintiff Accident Attorney talked about Accidents caused by Commercial Vehicles


People and businesses are prepared for accidents.  Things happen.  


Hiring an expert Plaintiff Attorney is about claiming that which is set aside to restore a victims’ quality of life.



We are proud to have Sean Duffy, with Scarcella Law Offices, our accident and casualty Plaintiff Attorney.  He specializes in Commercial Vehicle Accidents, Slip & Falls, Work Injuries, and Wrongful Death cases (to name a few) in Westchester County and the Five Boroughs.

His success is attributed to several qualities not offered by other firms.  One of which is the unequivocal manner in which he conveys his client’s victimization, thus winning over the judge and jury.  And the other is believing in the outcome so fully in which he convinces the firm to fund multiple expert appearances if they’re required to win his case.

Sean Duffy Accident Lawyer


Sean Duffy:

  • Historically wins 93% of his cases
  • Has 20 years in the same profession.
  • Has a bed-side manner that sets him apart as an attorney
  • Sees the win and doesn’t stop until his clients are happy

In case building, the details are important, but knowing how to string together the evidence is what brings justice to people that are suffering. Sean Duffy is celebrating his 20th Anniversary at Scarcella Law Offices and his lifetime in the community of Westchester County.  It is not selfish to fight for your health and quality of life when you are subject to an accident.  There are laws that protect you. Let Sean answer your questions about them.


So if you know someone that was in accident and is afraid to seek legal help?

Call Sean.  He’ll explain how restoring your quality of life is nothing in which to be ashamed.


Remember…If you’re flat on your back, don’t take it lying down!


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