Oil Tanks! A Concern for Every Home Owner

This is also a detail with which an expert ARCHITECT can assist!

We are proud to have Mondana Rezania, Westchester Architect, specializing in Residential Renovations, Additions and Conforming and Legalizing spaces for Basements, Multi-family homes, and Certificate of Occupancy Compliance!

She spoke on “Oil Tanks” and some of the details to re-mediate, move, or install a replacement inside the home.Mondana-rezania-oil-tanks

Some of the points she covered were:

  • No regulation is on tanks under 1,100 gallons
  • Leakage can be seen in the ground around the tank
  • Leaving a tank in the ground is legal.  No can fill will cement to avoid later sink hole issues
  • Two inside tanks are a way to replace your bigger outside one
  • It true that there is no law that says an in-ground tank has to be removed when selling a home, although it is unlikely you will be able to sell your home without removing the old tank.

    When an architect speaks about conversion, they are referring to converting spaces that are illegal to sell-able ones. Oil tanks can be one of the many details Mondana handles expertly! She has serviced Westchester County since 2001 in this capacity. She has tailored her 30-year career to specializing in commercial space reconfiguration, residential renovation, and additions.

Need a detail designed out?

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