In the days before Hurricane Joaquine could hit the East Coast ….

Adam Puello speaks to us today about the importance of being prepared!


In the days before Hurricane Joaquin could hit the East Coast bad, Adam talks about flood insurance.

Did you know?:

  • With other insurance providers, your hurricane deductible could be 5%, which could equate to as much as $35,000 you’ll have to pay before you see a dime of insurance money in the event of large damage!
  • State Farm insurance policies include a ‘Loss of Use’ insurance.  This is so that you can stay at a hotel while your property is damaged and you cannot use it.  It is up to 12 months as of today’s terms.
  • Renters’ insurance by State Farm also carries the ‘Loss of Use’ right of claim
  • Flood insurance by State Farm covers all outside water flooding or seeping into your home under it’s Flood Insurance Policy

Those are 4 good reasons to see what other peace-of-mind, Adam from Statefarm can show you that he can provide.


For the BEST in P & C Insurance:

Adam Puello of State Farm Insurance  |  (914) 712-3680


Did you know that a utility company could come back and talk about putting high tension wires above your newly purchased home?

Betty and Cesar explain to us finally what TITLE INSURANCE really does for a home owner.

Not only do you protect ourselves from previous owner liens on your house, but major things like government easements still open and unpaid angry contractor bills.Title

Calling all Real Estate Attorneys, this is title insurance agency with in which you want to work.  They know how to reach the public and explain to home owner why having them as your first time advocate and possible down the line defense!

With laws changing you want them on your property deals.

Call Betty or Cesar:  1-914-683-3900
Write to us:
Mail to: 2 William St – suite 304  White Plains, NY  10601

Ivan Meiser warms our hearts with TEDDY BEARS…and hand sanitizer!

What am I talking about?

Chotchkies!  Promotional items that keep you ‘Top-of-Mind’ with your customers!

The best form of grow and flattery is the repeat business.  This is how to do it!

Raise money for a Booster Club, Say Thank you to close clients, think adorable Teddy Bears!


Ivan of Gift Finders International, has a Mary Poppins bag of goodies and gets us all thinking about what relates to our businesses that is a must ‘give out’. He’s the go-to man for all PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS!

The Holidays are right around the corner. Put your order in now!

So Call Ivan Meisner of Gift Finders International at 914.693.5650   |   See Ivan on Linkedin

23 Old Mill Lane
Ardsley, NY 10502
Tel # 914 693 5650
Fax# 914 693 3057

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