Michael Bowerman talks about the State-of-the-Art equipment he uses.

From measuring moisture in the room’s wood framing to the humidity in the air, professionals in mold remediation don’t mess around — and Michael Bowerman & his crew are those type of professionals!

Mold Remediation specialist in Westchester County
Today we learned just how dangerous mold can be. Among the truths he shared, the fact that mold is everywhere — at some level — was interesting. But when the gauges on his very expensive equipment, show needles in the danger zone, the clients are advised on how they can restore their homes back to healthy environments.

Bowerman Cleaning & Restoration associates, then proceed to help with the insurance claims or low cost solutions for this remediation work.  Visit their website for more information: bowermanrestoration.com.

Mold Remediation specialist in Westchester County

Call them NOW if you suspect any mold in your home or office! 1.800.638.4799

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