Kevin Brown is an upstanding member of our group! Hudson Barter Exchange Owner


We have advertising spots for BARTER!



Kevin Brown regales us with his snappy wit and worldly experience as a $3 million successful Westchester County Small Business.  In his speech, he talks about the exchange’s exclusive opportunities in media spot procurement!

As a marketing agency owner myself, I agree that Westchester County’s businesses need to participate in the Hudson Barter Exchange to take advantage of these and many other amazing opportunities.   They will help you trade for advertising space in publications such as:

  • Architectural Digest
  • Conde Nast
  • Rail Advertising
  • Local print
  • Radio
  • Online banner campaigns
  • Event sponsorships
  • Digital outdoor spots in TIMES SQUARE!

Who does this benefit? For all area electricians, restoration businesses, land architects, home architects, contractors, and  service industry businesses; this form of advertising with boost your brand and generate leads. It is easy.  The commitment to spend the money on magazine advertising is a costly endeavour when you’re pulling cold hard cash out of your pocket. BUT…

…when you are a member of the Hudson Barter Exchange, your phone is ringing during down times, and your business is always growing!

Call Kevin and he’ll be happy to fit you with a publication that suits your business — (914)-372-7155 or sign-in online:





Check out how your business can benefit from the exchange.


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