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DEFINITION: Boutique Marketing is the concentration on your branding and business sweet-spots to generate high-rate conversion leads.

How do we determine the correct tools and messaging tactics to do this?

We start with a Business Marketing Analysis Questionaire:

What’s your company volume now?
What are you goals for growth in a year?     3years?     10 years?
Who is your target market? Specifically?
What are they looking for from a business in your industry?
How much are your clients worth?
How do you currently get leads? What are your 5-6 touch-points?
Have you tapped into referrals from current clients?   How?
Your tools:
What does your website say about you?
Do you need a leave behind?
Do you need a blog? How can you use social media? What kind of presence do you think you need on the internet based on your target market?
How important are Reviews and Testimonials to you?
What other forms of keeping top of mind do you use to convert?

If your marketing person or agency has NOT asked you these questions… then it may be time for an upgrade on your marketing service!   Call us here – (917) 678-0455

We are happy to answer all questions.

Your partner in growing your business.Marketing Agency Westchester from Organic SEO, Websites, Print Campaigns, to Truck Wraps and Sales Choreography and consulting and training on how you shake your clients' hands.

Marketing Agency of Westchester County handling small business with Organic SEO, Websites, Print Campaigns, to Truck Wraps to Sales Choreography, consulting, and training on how you shake your clients’ hands.

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  1. Michel has a unique taste in selecting graphics, photos and the text to grab your attention. Her marketing is powerful and pretty.

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