Joannie Sirefman, Our Group Heathcare Provider

Joannie Sirefman, is a recent former Vice President and has our well-being at heart when she speaks. It is nice to hear about insurance from someone you consider a friend.  She spoke about having cancer patients covered with more than adequate insurance in order to be comfortable.  She brought a statistic to the conversation that really got me.  It was the reality that 1 in 5 persons would be diagnosed with Cancer.  Which if you looked around the room, was a scary thought in which we needed to prepare for.

Her subject was focused on the  “Cancer Classic Plan”. She was able to show us numbers of how it really worked.

Here is a little on Aflac in which Joannie has chosen as the carrier she can most support in their vision and mission: Aflac pays cash benefits to the individual and does not conflict with any other insurance. With medical costs – co-pays and deductibles going through the roof we can help off set those bills when someone is sick or hurt. Our programs are affordable, guaranteed renewable and portable. Ask for it where you work!


Thankyou Joannie!

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