You’re paying for the Real Estate Agent in your leasing talks, take advantage of it. Paul Moulins, our expert in Commercial Real Estate, alerts us to this reality


Representing RAKOW Group, he expresses the need to protect yourself when you’re seeking leasing for your business.

Paul Moulins devotes his days not only pairing up business owners with inspiring commercial spaces, but educating them on the unknown in securing it.  Real estate is probably the biggest asset your business will have on its balance sheet, rushing into the commitment should not be how you acquire it.

Paul mentioned how the Real Estate broker fees are already factored into the landlord’s square footage price.  So there is no reason why you don’t hire this representation, you’re paying for it anyway.


  1. How far out should you start working on new commercial space?: It takes from 12 to 18 months on average to work out all details with agents and lawyers to ensure you are getting the best for you, your business and your business’ budget.
  2. ‘Personal Guarantee’, ‘Good Guy’ clause, and other terminology that is important to discuss and understand with a real estate broker.  This will ensure, again, that you are setting up your asset correctly.


Paul flew commercial airliners for 12 years prior to committing many hours of training and experience in Commercial Real Estate.


Find your business a home to continue succeeding, more importantly make the right decisions in how the asset is benefiting you.

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