BARTER is the today’s new currency! Kevin Brown, owner and Barter Guru, is our guide on the trend.

Today’s business environment is based on relationships, The Hudson Barter Exchange is the match maker.

Representing The Hudson Barter Exchange, Kevin Brown expresses a way to keep your employees busy, your image exposed to over 500 other businesses, and your resolve positive.

Did you know that barter business increases your cash clients?

Q & A:

  1. Will the barter exchange refer me for cash business?: Keeping your calendar full and workers working is important during slow time which they do.  But at busy times, they understand and encourage cash sales by still referring your business.
  2. What type of support do you provide?  Not only do they have online shopping for those of us that don’t want to talk to people, but they have several account managers you can speak with regarding your need at all times.  Your inquiry is received and always addressed with, sometimes, multiple solutions.


After ‘living free’ in New Hampshire as a youth, Kevin entered the TV advertising industry after college.  Once landing the $60 million TV Network, Fox, as an employer, he worked long nights and crazy days until deciding that his entrepreneurial urges needed to be met.  He saw the potential for a Barter Exchange in Westchester County so created one with his wife and partner, Karen Brown.  Last year, HBX members traded in excess of $3 million in goods and services.  

Check out how your business can benefit from the exchange.



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