The Arborist — who has serviced Westchester County for 34 years — talks about how to get discounts on Tree work contracts for the spring, NOW!


Patrick Laidman is our ‘tree hugger’ and Professional Arborist looking after the group’s commercial property and personal homes.  No better way to get rid of the winter blues than think about spring!  He spoke about his 34 years with “The Care of Trees” and with his detailed, passionate tips, he showed us just how much of an expert he really is.

Here’s what I thought was really helpful:

What you can do now: PRUNING on your bushes and trees.  This is the safest time for the trees as they are dorment and easy to prune with no impact to their health.

What you can buy at current DISCOUNTS for the Spring: The following is some of the services the smart clients are buying for delivery in the spring months:

  • Tick applications  Patrick knows that the Deer are starving and moving in areas all over and close to our homes.  If you have stone walls and wood piles on your properties, these are where ticks like to hide.  You will need to make sure you start the year with tick treatments to protect your family.  Get the contract — from a certified Pest control manager, such as Patrick — signed now, so he will be servicing you while others are trying to get him on the phone.
  • For all your Solar home improvement projects, have him meet with your solar panel agents and work out what is best for your energy production by trimming or removing trees.
  • Risk Management of trees Risk to the tree live itself, and also to you and your family fro

    m storm and snow damage.  Have Patrick come in and diagnose what could be a prevented problem later.

Patrick’s Favorite type of tree that he calls “majestic”:  White Oak

If you share in Patrick’s love of trees or need help removing or trimming them, call him now at

(914) 356-8229

Pat Laidman
District Sales Manager

57 Valley Avenue
Elmsford, NY 10523-3008

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