Will Anderson speaking about his ability to tackle any computer issue thrown his way. AND HE DOES!



He is trusted by many affluent Westchester families to handle their home offices and personal computers.  Small businesses to streaming videos, Will is the trouble shooting IT professional to call.

He also is very generous in referring businesses and colleagues for all industries.  Make a point to check out his website, share this post, or stop by our BNI Thursday meeting and meet him. or just call Will for your back-up, emergency, business set-up, home office and TV streaming video computer needs.

When your computer is on live support, call PC Support @ 914-645-1689Will-anderson_Westchester's-IT-professional_for-Emergencies

Larry Bellom speaks on understanding the TERMINOLOGY for house buying or business space leasing

Larry-Bellom_attorney_for-_Westchesters_REal_estate_needs Larry BellomLARRY BELLOM 2, the Real Estate Attorney of the We Mean Business BNI Chapter has been litigating and preparing agreement contracts for 30 years for Westchester. He is an interesting speaker and captivates the audience.

His witty, superb, although not shadowing the great information he delivers.  He speaks to Real Estate purchasers and Business Space Leasers in today’s 10 min presentation.

He spoke mainly about ‘Commercial Leasing’ this time.  He started his career in this sector of the real estate legal preparation, and continues to include it in his offerings.  From shopping malls to small business office space is the definition of commercial space in Westchester County.

Some highlights from the speech were:

Q: What is the difference between ‘Gross Leased SpaceandGross Leasable Space‘?
Q: What’s a ‘Personal Guarantee’ or aCAM- Common Area Maintenance‘ ?
Q: What is a Good Guy Clause? When it is used?
He pulled in some of the members of the group as excellent resources for some of the other functions of these transitions.  He is always a team player and gives as much as he can to the group well qualified members.

Q: When do you contact a Real Estate Attorney like Larry Bellom?  

A: When you have questions about the house you have found and ready to make a commitment and beginning the inspection process.
A: When you are shopping office space and need to understand what the terminology means in terms of what is built into the square footage price.

Here is Larry Bellom’s information.  He is personable and happy to answer all BNI members questions.

Laurence J. Bellom, Esq.
814 Commerce St, Thornwood, NY 10594

Office: 914-769-9500

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