Steve Werner for Budgie Vision spoke. And in great pitch.

Sonos Installation.

TV’s that look like Mirrors.

Major movie rooms for homes. 

Switch a song playing in your living-room during a party from your phone!

Steve Werner, formerly a drummer with Ace Frehley (lead guitarist from KISS), has the ear for the ultimate in the sound experience.  He is a great guy. Works with all customers, big or small and does it in a competitively priced and timely manner.  We are happy to have such a professional AV guy in our group.

Call him and ask him about hiding your wires to the NEW SPEAKERS your wife is going to LOVE!


To see some of the homes and systems he’s done, visit his WEBSITE.  |   Portfolio of Installations   |   Brands he likes.    |   The dirt on him.  | Because your ENTERTAINMENT is HIS BUSINESS!

steve werner

Steve Werner   | BUDGIE VISION

( Yes this is his wedding picture, but he’s such a good guy we don’t hold it against him.)

914 450 5644

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