Joe Rosamilia, Landscaper — Designer of beautiful places for you to enjoy — was this week’s speaker

Joe told us of his decision to stay in America after spending years as a contractor and mason in ROME.  And if you haven’t seen, the construction in Rome is amazing.

This set the stage for Joe to regale us with tales like THIS ONE:

Joe_rosamilia_Westchester-Landscaping_for_Luxury_Homes_bestThe one story was of the new owner of a home bought for $800,000.  The family had just moved in.  They decided they wanted to do some pretty major landscaping.  $150,000 later, a neighbor real estate agent came a knocking.  She just wanted to see if she could put their home in an opening to show it.  A month later, she asked again, and the man felt he had nothing to lose.  They got an offer for $1.5M for the home.  They sold with a $600,000 profit after only being in the house for a month.  Amazing what a little pretty can do.

When you hear these types of stories, its hard to believe.  He can let you talk to the owner, when you going to hire him to create your utopia. 


Contact Joe Rosamilia

Rosamilia Landscaping, Inc.  |   Armonk, NY 10504  |    (914) 273-4555

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