Sean Duffy speaks about protecting yourself when you’ve been the victim in an accident


Sean is an engaging speaker and always a ‘must attend’ presenter.

He is the plaintiff’s personal injury Lawyer in our group.  Sean demonstrates his capabilities as a successful attorney every meeting with the story snippets he is allow to share.


Listening to him get even more detailed during his 10-minute presentation is always interesting.


Some of us won’t ever (hopefully) come in contact with the drama that Sean deals with on a regular basis.  And some will and need to take heed in the fact that a well-trained professional attorney like Sean Duffy has got our backs.

Whether you’re in a situation were you find yourself as a victim of an accident, or if know others that could use the advise to make sure they take care of their situations, Sean Duffy and is the best in Westchester for Personal Injury issues.

Here is a list of some of the cases they take:

Sean Duffy

Attorney – Personal Injury

Scarcella Law Office   |  800- SCAR-LAW  | 800- 722-7529

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  1. Every week Sean gives us useful hints on how to NOT have an accident, but if we do we know who to call!!

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