We love ‘CHOTCHKIES’ and so does every one of our customers! Ivan Meisner is your man for them.

A t-shirt.

A flashlight.

A pen.

A water bottle. Bag. Hand-sanitizer. Measuring tape. Coozys. Ear buds. Mugs. Flash Drives. Stickers. Magnets. Calendars. Clocks. Golf Tags. Tees. Anything you can think of — can be imprinted with your business name and information.

Why? Because:


Ivan of Gift Finders International, has a Mary Poppins bag of goodies and gets us all thinking about what relates to our businesses that is a must ‘give out’. He’s the go-to man for all marketing ‘Chotchkies’, A.k.a. ways to keep ‘Top-of- mind’ to all your clients.

The Holidays are right around the corner. Put your order in now!

So Call Ivan Meisner of Gift Finders International at 914.693.5650   |   See Ivan on Linkedin

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