We love ‘CHOTCHKIES’ and so does every one of our customers! Ivan Meisner is your man for them.

A t-shirt.

A flashlight.

A pen.

A water bottle. Bag. Hand-sanitizer. Measuring tape. Coozys. Ear buds. Mugs. Flash Drives. Stickers. Magnets. Calendars. Clocks. Golf Tags. Tees. Anything you can think of — can be imprinted with your business name and information.

Why? Because:


Ivan of Gift Finders International, has a Mary Poppins bag of goodies and gets us all thinking about what relates to our businesses that is a must ‘give out’. He’s the go-to man for all marketing ‘Chotchkies’, A.k.a. ways to keep ‘Top-of- mind’ to all your clients.

The Holidays are right around the corner. Put your order in now!

So Call Ivan Meisner of Gift Finders International at 914.693.5650   |   See Ivan on Linkedin

Need a cool coffee table book for your next party?! Go to SolarCity and get the free consultation on your house! Finally a feasible way. Leasing solar panels. We heard all about it from Christian Toebe, of SolarCity.

They have some serious graphics to show you how the sun works!  In all seriousness, Christian not only had a well-prepared presentation but we made some compelling points about how you can NOW afford Solar energy on your home. In his presentation, Christian Toebe explained the product, the financial savings of the leasing model, and how the sun works in Westchester County, NY.  Christian broke it down into the ways in which the SolarCity System earns money to reduce your energy bills, how it is applied to your roof, and how the owners of the business are creators of other very successful business models. Here were some of the slides he used to explain important points:

Environmental Benefits –Yeah Yeah, but what really is going to get us to do it…..



Financial LEASING programs – Including a ‘NO MONEY DOWN’ optionsolarcity_zero

…..( and of course cool, fancy graphics)

Graphics that immediately show the system on your home and what to expect – AMAZING technology!
Christian-toebe-solarcity-graphicAnd Lastly a knowledgeable representative walking you through it.

So:  Use the calculator he has on Christian Toebe’s SolarCity site.  |   Read about Christian on Linkedin  |  Call him at 914.294.4737 or Email him at ctoebe@solarcity.com for a FREE CONSULTATION — AND, again, be the cool neighbor on your block doing the right thing for our environment and your carbon footprint ( and secretly saving money ).

christian-Toebe SOLARCITY_LGO

The Advisor. Your Dreams. MORE WITHIN REACH® through Steve Troccoli, of Ameriprise Financial, our Financial Planner

Everyone is Steve Troccoli’s type… But they all have something in common — envisioning a day of retirement.


Whether he is listening and translating your dreams to whole-picture financial plans, or advising moves on a month-to-month basis, Steve is creatively building your financial landscape towards a comfortable future goal.

A true community man and your guide to opportune situations — such as today’s low interest rates — in the every changing financial environment, he will service whatever your needs.  Call or email him to talk about protecting and growing your today’s assets for tomorrow.    Westchester Phone: 914-968-1234  Email: steven.j.troccoli@ampf.com

Steven J. Troccoli, MBA, ChFC®, CFS®, CRPC® | Financial Advisor
An Ameriprise financial Services® practice  NYC Phone: 212-977-3111 Fax 212-977-4888

Some spots to read more:




You can always take something away from Bob Russo’s speaking engagements.

Mr. Russo spoke about getting to know your fellow businesses.

I love Bob. bob-russo-exerciseHe always uses a prop.   His prop today was a sheet that normally a marketing agency would offer:  Most important details of to speak knowledgeable about a fellow business when referring them. This is INVALUABLE to selling your colleague’s business.  Could you fill in these blanks about the businesses you refer?:

  • Their Goals of the Business Short range and Long Range
  • Their Revenue Goals
  • Their Average Deal cost
  • Their interest or best offers
  • Their Skill setbob-russo-exercise2

Thank you, Bob, for speaking to us this day.  And I encourage everyone to use the information he has given us.  It comes from a proven source.

…And I recommend that you go hear Bob speak if you get the chance.  He is engaging and interesting.  And again, he will leave you with an insightful way of getting more out of your business and your networking times (cause our time is valuable).

Bob Russo

Bob Russo

Robert J. Russo, BNI Assistant Director       Address: 465 Martling Avenue, Tarrytown, N.Y. 10591   |   Phone: 914 391 0164; Fax: call 1st 914-332-5914; Email: rrusso@bestweb.net

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