Frank Campisi – offered the latest in WATER and AIR PURIFICATION

In Thursday’s presentation, Bruni & Campisi, your leader in plumbing and heating for Westchester County, offered the latest in water and air purification.

Frank always delivers information on the innovated products available for our homes and offices.  At this presentation he spoke about Series 7000 Manufactured  by 3M Purification and Guardian Air AC/Heat Duct Air Purification System (Photohydroionization PHI Technology), and  See the list of products that Bruni & Campisi can install or provide education on these and more offerings.

We are proud to have Mr. Campisi  heading up the Plumbing & Heating division on our group.  He provides strong foundation and leadership to the We Mean Business Chapter’s tradesman power team. Always a pleasure to hear from him.

Frank Campisi

Bruni and Campisi Plumbing and Heating




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