A “Cashless Economy” — Hear from Kevin Brown how to get in on it. Tomorrow. 7am.

With the economy in near free fall over the past few years, however, a number of small local business owners, mimicking a nationwide trend, have increasingly used bartering to salt away cash to help ride out the “Cashless Economy.”

We will hear more about this tomorrow from the Owner of the Hudson Barter Exchange, Kevin Brown.  He is an eloquent speaker, entertaining quick wit,  and one of the best salesman I know.  I’m sure we’ll all get a take-away from his presentation.

Attend with questions. It’s a successful concept that has a lot of interesting moving parts — all of which Kevin is more than happy to share with us.

Where you can find him any day but Thursday at 7 am:

Kevin Brown
CEO, Cashless Exchange Operator
Hudson Barter Exchange
75 North Central Ave/St. 300
Elmsford, NY 10523
Office (914)372-7155
Fax (914)372-7157
Follow us on Twitter: @HudsonBarter
Follow us on Facebook http://www.hbxfans.com

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