Joanne Sirefman spoke last week.

Joanie Sirefman 1-12
She had a great presentation where she used another business owner and acted out a typical meeting.  Well done. 

We learned about the size of a ‘group’ to qualify for Group Insurance as a business, as well as some of the cash outlays in which their business model is solidly rooted.

Our speaker thrusday was Joanie Sirefman from Aflac – the leader in Supplemental Insurance – pays cash benefits directly to employees when they get sick or hurt.

With the cost of traditional insurance going up, along with co-pays and deductibles, the ability to cover these out-of-pocket expenses with affordable programs is more important than ever. No company can prevent anyone from having an accident or getting sick – what they can do is help reduce the impact an accident or illness has on someone’s financial well-being.

Specialties: supplemental insurance, communication skills, all aspects of sales, recruiting, sales training, administrative

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