Our speaker this week is Joanie Sirefman from Aflac

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Our speaker this week is Joanie Sirefman from Aflac – the leader in Supplemental Insurance – pays cash benefits directly to employees when they get sick or hurt.

With the cost of traditional insurance going up, along with co-pays and deductibles, the ability to cover these out-of-pocket expenses with affordable programs is more important than ever. No company can prevent anyone from having an accident or getting sick – what they can do is help reduce the impact an accident or illness has on someone’s financial well-being.

Specialties: supplemental insurance, communication skills, all aspects of sales, recruiting, sales training, administrative


How to do a Great ‘One-on-One’ – BOB RUSSO- Speaker-or-this-Week

Bob RussoThis week we is talking about and giving us perspectives on ‘One-on-One’s’

Bob Russo Come experience the expertise of the Chapter Director.  As history has it, he is always compelling Speaker-of-the-Week.


Bob Russo is a Director of 15 BNI chapters in the 3 counties of Westchester, Rockland and Putnam and also the Bronx and will be visiting our chapter this Thursday at 7am.

Networking is an always changing, as the business environment. Come and learn new approaches and add what you can to your marketing efforts through networking!

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