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Sept 26, 2013 bni-speaker-of-the-week

Michel Gunn

Learn some marketing tactics for your web presence.

I believe in digital marketing that doesn’t waste your time or money.  I started my business 11 years ago for Westchester County’s small businesses.  I came from a fast paced and high profile corporate life of 16 years in the fashion industry, in which  I apprenticed with leaders of the industry -Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein, Marc Ecko and Puffy Daddy -to mention a few.  During this time, they enriched my Parsons and NYU education by instilling hands-on decoding skills.  I studied behavior patterns of all types of buyers.  I initiated live case studies that could be affected with our own creations.
I like the web as a marketing tool as you can react and do it rather quickly.  It also is a wonderful tool that has proved widely accepted along with having the ability to show so many sides of a business.  Having all these sides being the right side, is the goal.
I’m pleased that I can share my knowledge with the small businesses of Westchester helping them broadcast so the community feels trusted to employ them.  I love what I do.  I’m hoping not to bore you. This Thursday I would like to share some of the elements needed to put together a strong online presence.  Please attend.


Digital Marketing/Branding   |  Gunn Multimedia Partners, Inc.     |  9176780455  |  michel @gunnmultimedia.com

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