With these, our four seasons, change is always upon us! Your money needs to be positioned for growth through all of them….

Steven Troccoli

Steven Troccoli

Steven J. Troccoli, MBA, ChFC®, CFS®, CRPC® | Financial Advisor
An Ameriprise financial Services® practice

NYC Phone: 212-977-3111 Fax 212-977-4888
Westchester Phone: 914-968-1234

Email: steven.j.troccoli@ampf.com


The Financial Planning Process:

-Develop a clear picture of your current financial situation by reviewing your income, assets and liabilities and evaluating your protection coverage, investment portfolio, tax exposure and estate plan.

-Establish and prioritize financial goals and times associated with the achievement of them.

-Implement strategies that address your current financial weaknesses and build on your financial strengths

-Choose specific products and services that are tailored to meet your financial objectives.

-Monitor you plan making adjustments as your goals, time frames and/or circumstances change.


Ready to improve your ‘Comfort Zone’! Our AV expert, Steve Werner of Budgie Vision, is our Speaker of the Week!

With over 20 years of experience in the field, owner Steve Budgie Werner can design a system that fits your budget and expectations.” Everybody has a slightly different interpretation of what perfect sound is”. Our goal at Budgie Vision is to make that expectation a reality.

From adjusting your flatscreen sound-configurations to creating full theater rooms, come listen for the latest in technology and some helpful hints!

Whether it’s Toasters as Props or singling out a member as a shiny example….

Bob Russo captivates us at 7AM as our Speaker-of-this-Week! Networking is an always changing, as the business environment. Come and learn new approaches and add what you can to your marketing efforts through networking!

Bob Russo

Bob Russo

Bob Russo is a Director of 15 BNI chapters in the 3 counties of Westchester, Rockland and Putnam and also the Bronx and will be visiting our chapter this Thursday at 7am.

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