Ohm’s Law VS. Marchi’s Law

Thursday, March 14th. It was 7am and we saw sparks! But only the ones firing off of Neil Marchi’s trouble-shooting answers!

Ohm’s Law: The potential difference Vab across a resistance R from a to b with a current I from a to b is given by Ohm’s Law, an Empirical law,
Vab = IR.
Marchi’s Law: Know you’re industry. Be great at designing safe electrical solutions. And don’t sing at your presentation!

We all love the passion and dedication Neil puts into his work. Please remember him and refer him, as he is a credit to the industry. We are lucky to have him when the electrical need is there.
Residential and Commercial project welcome.


When (or before) you see a Sparki… Call Marchi!

Marchi_business Card

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