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Kai Audett

Kai Audett

Kai Audett  ~ Presentation 6/21/12

BNI – We Mean Business Chapter

Kai Audett ~

  • Kai Audett is currently a Private Mortgage Banker with Luxury Mortgage Corp.
  • Previously with Wells Fargo, Kai has been a Mortgage Banker since 2001, and was also a Realtor and Builder  since 1995
  • Her business success is built on referrals and word-of-mouth.  She works hard to consistently exceed expectations.
  • Kai maximizes her borrower’s investments by looking at their long and short term financial goals, estate planning and life events. She continues to monitor her borrower’s home financing structure year after year to ensure they have the most cost effective financing as life changes occur.
  • She also assists Realtors and Financial Planners with business development, offering presentations and workshops on market trends, products and changes in the market to help them stay ahead of the market.

Luxury Mortgage ~

  • Luxury Mortgage has a hybrid platform; they are both a direct lender and broker. Founded in 1996 and licensed in 19 states, Luxury Mortgage is headquartered in Stamford, CT and has offices in NY, CT, NJ, CA, SC, and FL.
  • Besides the generic 30 year fixed and adjustable loans Luxury offers several niche products which no other lender offers;
  • They specialize in 24 hour commitments and quick closings.
  • They put every detail of each transaction in writing so their borrower’s understand and feel confident in the process.
  • They provide exceptional service no matter what the loan size.

Kai Audett’s presentation

On Thursday, June 18th at 7:30 am, Kai will discuss credit scores;  the importance of a good score, what factors are included in a credit score, how the scores are derived and how to improve damaged credit. Please email Kai if you would like to attend KAudett@luxurymortgage.com or call her at (914) 419-0530.


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