BNI Contest – What I Love About BNI

In 2010, BNI conducted our first-ever video contest which was open exclusively to BNI members. Not only did an impressive number of BNI members participate globally but the quality and creativity of the video submissions were truly remarkable!

Now, BNI Directors across the globe can have their time in the spotlight . . . The 2012 “What I Love About BNI” video contest , open only to BNI Directors*!

One of BNI Founder Ivan Misner’s favorite things about working with BNI used to be hearing the stories that came out of the treasured tradition of closing all BNI conferences with each BNI Director standing up and sharing what they truly loved and valued about being a part of the BNI organization.

The tradition of sharing these important, inspiring stories sadly ended when conferences grew too large to keep it alive; but now, the 2012 “What I Love About BNI” video contest for BNI Directors is honoring this tradition and Ivan and the rest of BNI urge you to share your story (you have until May 21st to submit your video)!

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